Lawyer Life Experiment

#6 Relationships: assets or liabilities?

February 12, 2021 Lawyer Life Experiment Season 1 Episode 6
Lawyer Life Experiment
#6 Relationships: assets or liabilities?
Show Notes

Continuing February's theme of relationships, today, Frieda and Anya take a look at the impact our personal relationships (with our friends, our family and our loved ones) have on our lives. Relationships are powerful things: Good and healthy relationships (our assets) support us and gift us with renewed energy. Toxic relationships (our liabilities) empty our energy tank and drain us. Today we look at how to identify the relationships in our lives which are assets and liabilities; how to find a balance between the relationships that drain us and the relationships that support us; and how actively working on our supportive relationships will improve our progress and experience of happiness and fulfilment in our lives.

00.25 - our findings from Episode 5's experiment: how we are triggered in toxic situations and strategies we use to cope with them
07.10 - introducing the concept of a system of relationships, transforming relationships from liabilities to assets + an 80-year long study on happiness
19.20 - a mini-guided coaching session to help you explore your system of relationships and clarify which are assets and which are liabilities (Frieda bravely volunteered to be coached)
32.15 - hypothesis
32.55 - experiment on exploring your system of relationships

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